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When people become Seniors and stop working, instead of Retiring they should have an opportunity to Relive… (To a better life, that is).

Dear Visitor,

My name is Aloysius Dalli, I was born on May 6, 1937; I am 78 years of age and I am obviously a senior.

Back in 1972 I knew then that seniors were not being treated with care, love and respect by the Government and because of this I wrote a Concept on how seniors should be living like Kings and Queens in a true Resort Atmosphere I call “FUNTASEA”, see: www.funtasea.com.  When you visit my FUNTASEA site you will see an image with many things going on (Rather busy) I did so to create attention but in fact most amenities (Not water oriented) would be situated inland.

True in the USA seniors receive Social Security, see: https://www.ssa.gov/news/press/basicfact.html, however, seniors do not receive enough money to live with no money worries like Human beings…  In some instances the scenario is inhuman. I had read that certain people resorted to eating Cat food due to lack of money! I am not making this up, see: http://www.wboc.com/story/23662934/some-seniors-in-kent-county-strapped-for-cash-eat-pet-food-to-save-money/md

This is how I see things:
Generally speaking  in the USA people start working after they graduate from High school or after they graduate from College.
At age 63 or 65 many Americans retire and start collecting Social Security monthly. This is after working approximately 40 years or so and during such time having a percentage of their wages deducted and received by the Government as a savings for the people’s future… meaning when seniors retire and start receiving Social Security from the Government.  See: https://www.ssa.gov/planners/retire/stopwork.html

From my point of view Governments are not doing their people any good…

For instance it is a fact that most retired Americans have a rough time living on their Social Security payments.
A fair solution would be if Governments would create my Concept FUNTASEA  for its people. By so doing a certain number of healthy Seniors would be able to retire to FUNTASEA/ a Resort atmosphere in order to “Relive”… like going on  a Long vacation. Ideally such Seniors would get to keep their entire Social security benefits to do with the money as they wish.  I am painting a Scenario that Seniors would live Rent Free and eat three (3) meals a day for Free. Yes this can be done especially if Governments do not go to any Wars… (When will Governments ever learn?)

Allow me to explain certain seniors must obtain Welfare assistance in order to make ends meet and even then they do not live a good life they simply exist. (Not a Good scenario to look forward to of becoming a senior)

If the US Government were to develop my Concept FUNTASEA many such people would not need Welfare assistance and instead of Retiring they would in fact start Reliving their lives  in a Resort Atmosphere!  To understand my meaning  you would need to visit: www.funtasea.com and read the entire FUNTASEA Presentation. I think that people would live longer at such an environment… They certainly would be happier.

I do not think that the US Government or any Government would be willing to invest and create my Concept FUNTASEA for their people because all Governments have their own different agendas…

If I were wealthy, I would not need to have created this Web site for I would have created my FUNTASEA Concept myself; however, since I am not wealthy this is what I am doing now:

I am seeking wealthy people to invest in a Project which I wish to develop in Las Vegas; the Project I have in mind is to develop a Large Hotel like no other in the World with many innovations and Inventions including several of my own inventions, one of which is my AQUARANT invention, see: www.aquarant.net which I invented as an attraction for Large Hotels wanting higher occupancies…

I already invented a name for this proposed Hotel, the name will be easier to remember than the MGM even though the name will consist of four (4) letters!  This name for the proposed Hotel shall remain a secret until I have the proper Funding and when I Incorporate.

I believe that the entire Project will cost approximately $5 Billion USD. (Perhaps more)

Right now I am seeking $200 Million USD from an Investor Lender and the rest would be obtained from other Investors and/or Lenders. (The initial Loan of $200 Million USD is to be a second Mortgage subordinate to the Big Loan of $5 Billion USD or so). I will not pay any up-front Fees for any reason and I will not travel to meet such Investors. Interested Investors will need to come to Las Vegas in order to meet with me.

The initial $200 Million USD that I am seeking from Investors would be utilized to purchase the required Land, to pay Professionals to prepare a Master Plan based on my Concepts, to pay professionals to do a Feasibility Study and to have Architects prepare Architectural drawings.  In other words the $200 Million would be utilized to do what I stated above (Prepare a Professional Package) to later present to other Investors/ Lenders to raise the required money to develop the entire Project and for working Capital.

I found 56 Acres for sale in Las Vegas  situated between Las Vegas Blvd (The Strip) and a Highway. I think it is a great location for such a Resort Hotel…

I honestly believe that once the AQUARANT is developed with this Proposed Hotel, other Hotel Owners Worldwide would want to have the AQUARANT added on to their Hotel as an Attraction to increase the occupancy of their Hotel; I am referring to selling AQUARANT Franchises to existing Hotel Owners…   If I am right I would then earn a great deal of money and in turn I would then develop the first FUNTASEA as an experiment. If it becomes a success others could then be funded and developed much easier than the first FUNTASEA.

Before I end this Presentation I wish to state that although it appears as if I am championing Seniors herein, the fact is that youngsters grow up to become Seniors, hence I am hoping that younger people will find this presentation interesting as well since it might benefit them in the future…

I welcome any positive suggestions via Email  in regards to what I hope to accomplish.

If you like what I am doing please spread the word….  I need investors/Lenders now in order to buy the above mentioned Land.  Such Land are sold rather rapidly in Las Vegas… I would hate to lose this 56 Acres of Land zoned “H” !

Wish me luck and thank you for reading this Presentation.

I am reachable at: dalli@dalli.com



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